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Erika's sweet, sweet Rocky Horror role

By Honey B

You don't have to be a science fiction nerd to know that Erika Heynatz will make one sweet transvestite from trans-sexual Transylvania in Rocky Horror Show. The super talented model/singer/actress jumped at the chance to play Magenta in the latest version of the production, which hasn't toured Australia since the early 1990s. "This show is the most exciting thing for so many reasons,'' Heynatz enthuses. "It's a fantastic cast and everyone is really passionate about the show but what I really can't believe is that Richard O'Brien is in the Adelaide season. "It just takes the experience to a whole new level and it really doesn't get any better than to be in the cast with the creator of the show. "This certainly has to be a career high and it is beyond my wildest imagination.'' Heynatz says she first saw the 1975 musical/comedy/horror movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, at a friend's slumber party when she was a teenager. "I instantly fell in love with the characters and the music as well. "I know from the first time I saw it that I wanted to memorise all of the songs and the steps to the dances. "From there on whenever the Time Warp comes on and there is this involuntary response that you have to it - it just gives you permission to abandon yourself and let loose. "I feel like I have this amazing privilege of playing in a production where I get to let loose every night in this crazy, debauched musical role and it's incredible fun.'' Heynatz says as a teenager she identified with Janet - "the doe-eyed stranger''. "Janet was seduced by it all. As a young teenager I didn't understand all of the themes that were being explored. "But what I did know was that all of the characters were being true to themselves and there were no hidden aspects to them. "They were really exploring themselves and their individuality. The pinnacle of that is scientist Frank N. Furter. "He is the person who embodies all of the themes and all of the fantasies and all of the characters that I love most. And Craig McLachlan as Frank is everything you'd imagine him to be!'' Heynatz has a dual role in the show, not only is she the naughty maid Magenta but she also plays the Usherette. "As the Usherette I get to introduce the audience to the story and I get to pull the audience into this world of wild science fiction schlock, horror and comedy. "Then as Magenta I get to play this wild, completely liberated, naughty and sexy Transylvanian and I can push the experience into another area.'' Heynatz says she is loving live theatre and will "never get tired of it''. "I love the immediacy of live theatre and seeing the people dressed-up and up and dancing and being so passionate about a show. "People sing with us and they know all of the harmonies and the moves and the audience is so with us. "We want people to be part of the show and they are invited to be part of the show. "I can't tell you how much fun it is and how wonderful it is as a performer to have people so into it - the feeling is so unbeatable!'' The Rocky Horror Show, Adelaide Festival Centre, from March 20. Bookings: BASS 131 246
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