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Zoltan Papp dances on the dark side

By Honey B

Dancer Zoltan Papp first fell in love with dance through Michael Flatley's production of Feet of Flames. Now Papp is starring as the Dark Lord in Flatley's latest highly successful show, Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games. Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games enjoyed a sell-out season in London’s West End last year, returning to The Dominion Theatre in March 2015 due to overwhelming popular demand. This international production comes to Australia as part of a 15 country-tour, following an extensive UK tour. Read our Q&A with the highly talented Zoltan Papp below. Can you tell us about your role in Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games. "The story of the show is based on the fight between good and evil. I play the evil, Dark Lord who is trying to take the glory and power away from the Lord of the Dance.'' Is it fun playing a "dark'' character? "Yes. I feel like I have more freedom playing the Dark Lord. The dark characters can do things others can't, because there are "no" rules applying to them and of course all the ladies love the bad guys … ha ha ha.'' I believe that this show pushes the boundaries yet again - tell us about the technology in it. "It’s an Irish dance show in a rock n’ roll setting. We have giant led screens behind us on stage and those visual effects make the story even stronger. The lighting is incredible, and we also have brand new music.'' What do you love about the music? "The composer Ger Fahy is an incredibly talented artist. His music has the ability to evoke various feelings as you watch the show. It also keeps strong elements of Irish tradition while bringing it to a new 21st century level.'' Tell us about the costuming by Christopher Woods. "The visionary work of Christopher is something really different to anything else people will have seen before. All the costumes are unique masterpieces that make the visual experience complete for the audience.'' What is it like being mentored by Michael Flatley? "It’s such an honour to work with him. He's such a special and outstanding performer and leader of our group. You learn something from him every day. From a performance perspective, he has a unique ability to bring the best out in everyone.'' When did you fall in love with dance? "Although I have been involved with various performance companies in Hungary for most of my life, I really fell in love with dance after I watched Feet of Flames. I decided that I wanted to learn this different type of dancing and be part of the show one day. My dream became a reality five years later when I joined Michael Flatley's Celtic Tiger.'' What was the first show you ever saw? "Michael Flatley’s performance in Feet of Flames. It was the first major production I had ever seen and it had a profound effect on me.'' How fit do you have to be to perform in Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games? "You have to be extremely strong for this type of show and also fit in a cardiovascular sense. We would go through rigorous training before every tour and we also work hard to maintain fitness on tour. It’s also vital to pay attention to our diets.'' What do you like to do when you get some time off? "I really enjoy sightseeing in all the different places and cultures where the show takes us. When we get a long break I like to visit my family and friends.'' How much are you looking forward to touring Australia? "I visited Australia six years ago and absolutely loved it. I performed in the Gold Coast at the time so I'm really looking forward to returning there as well as getting to dance in all those other amazing cities.'' Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games, Adelaide Entertainment Centre - Theatre Mode from Wednesday, September 23. Bookings: Ticketek
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