Entertainment Hive 2020

Meng Jinghui's play has plenty of heart

By Honey B

Chinese director Meng Jinghui loves nothing more than pushing the boundaries of theatre. The popular visionary is bringing his passionate love story Amber to the OzAsia Festival this year. Amber is the poignant and sweet love story of Xiao You, who loses her fiancé in an accident and later falls in love with Gao Yuan, a cynical young man who survives thanks to the transplanted heart of Xiao’s deceased fiancé. Amber questions the complexity of human feelings and emotions. Jinghui says he is driven by the innovation and passion of theatre. "I like the imagination and enchantment of theatre and I like making daring attempts in this,'' he says. Ever since Jinghui started his career in the theatre he has been influencing the arts in China. He works his magic on Amber with rapid-fire multimedia touches as well as flashes of impromptu rock and pop elements. Adelaide audiences have seen Jinghui's theatrical wizardry a few years ago when he brought his spectacular production, Rhinoceros In Love, to the OzAsia Festival. "I attended the festival several years ago and I found it was diversified with character. "I therefore feel greatly honoured to come back again.'' Amber, OzAsia Festival, Her Majesty's Theatre, October 1 & 2. Bookings: BASS 131 246
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