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Circus gets an urban spin with 360 Allstars

By Honey B

Gene Peterson has the best seat in the house as the 360 Allstars kick off its latest world tour in Adelaide this week. The award-winning musician is on-stage all night keeping the beats fresh for the renowned urban circus which features a stellar international cast, including two-time World Champion BMX Flatlander Peter Sore, two World Champion break-dancers in B-Boy Physicx and Leerok, internationally acclaimed basketball freestyler Rashaun Daniels aka Basketball Man, and exceptional roué cyr artist Rhys Miller. “I get to sit behind the drum kit with the whole audience out in front of me,’’ he enthuses. “I don’t have to peak around any curtains to see what is going on and to see the audiences’ reaction to the performers and the show each and every night is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world.’’ However, it’s only recently that Peterson has realised how much individual audience members were revelling in the show. “I didn’t realise that over the years I had become slightly short-sighted and it was just enough that the audience had become one. “Once I got glasses I could see individual faces again and I can now see every face, right up to the back row. “It’s the best feeling to see that person over there having a good time and the lady in the over there having a great time and the little kid up the back laughing and clapping – it’s wonderful.’’ Peterson says 360 Allstars is a twist on the stereotypical circus art forms and aims to give circus an urban, contemporary street style. “Instead of acrobats we have break-dancers, instead of a juggler we have a basketball freestyler and instead of a unicyclist we have a BMX rider. “We compliment these acts with live music and video projections as well as spectacular lighting displays. “It’s a full-scale production that is definitely a whole heap of fun for all of the family.’’ The music is a big part of 360 Allstars and it’s Peterson and vocal loop artist Roman MC who lay down the tracks. “I am very excited to be working with Roman to provide the soundtrack to the show. “Roman is an incredible loop artist and a phenomenal freestyle rapper. You can give him any word and he will make it work into a rhyme. “We layer the music with a loop pedal and between us we can be a duo or a full orchestra and all of the music is recorded live every night on-stage.’’ Peterson admits that the boys in the audience love this show – but he’s quick to say the mums, grandmas or sisters coming along also thrill to the live action. “We had an experience at a theatre recently where the venue manager came out and said that he had never seen so many young boys with their caps on backwards in the theatre before. “It was such a visual difference for him and I thought that was pretty funny. “This show does engage the young boys in the audience, but at the end of the day it’s a fun, quality show and we all have an excellent time on-stage. “It’s an absolute riot and that’s contagious no matter what gender you are or who you are.’’ The supercharged 360 Allstars have had sold-out runs from Broadway, New York to the Edinburgh Fringe. 360 Allstars, Adelaide Fringe, Royal Croquet Club, February 16 to March 18. Bookings at Fringetix: https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/360-allstars-af2018 
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