Entertainment Hive 2020

Melody Yang creates bubble magic

By Honey B

Melody Yang is forever blowing pretty bubbles in the air. Actually, the highly talented bubble artist does a lot more than just blow bubbles into the air – she creates a magical universe with a gazillion bubble-riffic creations. “I’ve been performing on- stage since I was three years old and creating bubbles is not that simple,’’ Yang explains. “There’s a science behind creating bubbles and why bubbles burst and how do you stop bubbles from bursting and how can we make the bubbles last longer and make them bigger or a different shape. “The show combines art, science and special effects and we also perform various bubble tricks and techniques such as bubbles inside bubbles, spinning bubbles, smoke bubbles and we even make square bubbles.’’ Yang’s love of bubbles and performing was passed down to her through her family who are all talented bubble artists – her father Fan even has his own special bubble formula. For more than three decades, the Yang family has been combining the world of soap bubbles with science and entertainment on-stage. Gazillion Bubble Show has been seen by more than 22 million people worldwide including many Hollywood celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman. “My dad is my biggest role model in all of this. “When I was young I loved learning how to manipulate the bubbles like my dad. I was curious about what else I could do in life, but I always wanted to be on-stage and this job is pretty fantastic. “What I really love most about what I do is the creation of it all and building something. “I also am an actress and do film and television work as well – so I balance being on-stage in Gazillion Bubble Show and my acting.’’ Yang says she is “super excited’’ to be coming back to Australia. “Our family came to Australia when I was about 14 and my mum was performing at Jupiter’s Casino (Queensland). My brother and I went to school in Australia for about two months. “We went scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef when we were here and I would love to go diving again when I come back this time and do some sightseeing.’’ For those wanting some insider tips on creating perfect, longer-lasting bubbles, Yang says it is all about getting the right mix. “It all comes down to science and physics. “You need the right atmosphere – the air can’t be too dry and you don’t want any dust particles in the air which will pop the bubbles. “You need to humidify the air to get rid of dust particles and this makes the bubbles last a lot longer. “The bubble solution is a big factor and the liquid has to be mixed precisely to suit the conditions. “And you also need a sense or an understanding of the bubble you are creating and how to control and manipulate it. This comes down to experience and I have practised a lot over all of these years with my parents.’’ Yang says performing the interactive show is quite simply “pure joy’’. “The entire show is one long reaction of joy, happiness and surprise from the audience. “All ages can come to see the show and it doesn’t matter if they are children, adults or grandparents – everyone reacts with the same positive energy. “There’s nothing like looking out at all of the smiling faces as you are performing and hearing the delight from the audience as you create this bubble magic. “The audience gets the chance to be involved and come on-stage an also pop millions of bubbles surrounding them. “I do love the Bubble-LaserFX part of the show and this is done by myself or my brother now. It involves me manipulating lasers while being surrounded by bubbles and this gives off a brilliant sparkling effect.’’ Gazillion Bubble Show, Adelaide Festival Centre, July 14-17. Bookings: BASS 131 246
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