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OzAsia 10 year celebration set to sizzle

The 10 year anniversary of the OzAsia Festival kicks off on September 17. As Australia’s leading international arts festival presenting the best theatre, dance, music, film and visual arts from across Asia this year’s festival features a diverse number of performers from a wide ranging array of countries including Japan, India, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Cambodia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Israel. The 2016 OzAsia Festival features 47 major events, including 35 Australian premieres. To celebrate the Festival’s 10 Year Anniversary, a special Outdoor Live Music Concert Series, which is free for everyone to enjoy, will run over ten nights in Elder Park with high profile international artists each night. Artists include Japan’s Kenta Hayashi; Indonesia’s Ega Robot, Eyuser and Ria Rhythm Chambers;   India’s biggest cultural and musical export Raghu Dixit along with Pung Cholom. Hong Kong will be represented by Jin Wong, four-girl band GDJYB, Jabin Law and SIU2. Don’t miss super cool Singapore band The Steve McQueens and Charlie Lim and The Mothership; Taiwanese folk-band Wonfu, Freedom Beat   X DJ Cheer and Fade to Blue; Korea’s We Dance and Danpyunsun and The Sailors. Australia’s Electric Fields and Ngaire,   Malyasia’s Tenderfist and Cosmic Cambodia. Rounding off the 10 free nights of music will be a special performance of King of Ghosts, a live film score to a classic Indian film, created by India’s Soumik Datta and featuring Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. The ten nights of free music will have Elder Park pulsing to the beat of contemporary music from across Asia. The Festival environment and atmosphere will spill out of Adelaide Festival Centre as the Good Fortune Market forms a massive festival hub in Elder Park filled with delicious food, stunning design and loads of free music and performances every night.   From the creative minds behind exciting events including the Royal Croquet Club and Alpine Winter Village, the Good Fortune Market will transport you all the way to the vibrant streets of Asia. OzAsia Festival Director Joseph Mitchell says the 2016 OzAsia Festival gives Australian audiences an insight into the vibrant contemporary arts scene from across Asia. “There is a generation of young, bold, risk-taking artists who are creating genre-blurring performances that celebrate the immediacy and fast-paced culture of Asia in the 21 st  Century.” The Festival’s theatre program provides audiences with the opportunity to watch some of the best performance culture from across Asia. “Many of the productions are very different to the traditional theatre-going experience. We have shows such as SK!N, Bunny and The Record which have all been created by some of the world’s leading contemporary artists. It’s a different feel to standard theatre going and there is an energy, buzz and hint of the unpredictable about the artists and performances being presented this year,” Mitchell says.  “Asia is where the rules for contemporary performance are being shaped for the 21 st  century. Artists from this region of the world are drawing on a fusion of technology, tradition, modernity and international collaborations across international cultures, and this year our festival program provides a glimpse into the incredible visionary arts from Asia shaping the future. Mitchell says of the vibrant atmosphere planned for the Festival, “This year’s festival is also about celebrating and having a fun time. The 10 year anniversary for OzAsia Festival is a milestone to celebrate and we want to ensure everyone can have a great experience. “Audiences can see two or three shows on any night, wander through art galleries, attend free talks, discover some secret performance events, see international artists in the special Free 10 year Anniversary celebration of outdoor concerts  and then hang out with friends in the Good Fortune Market. “We’ve made it almost impossible for anyone just to come and see one show at the theatre and leave, there are so many other things going on and it will be a fun-filled festival atmosphere every night.“  The opening weekend will include the Australian premiere of one of Hong Kong’s most acclaimed dance company. City Contemporary Dance Company’s performance of As If To Nothing captures the urgency and anxiety of modern day Hong Kong with a technically brilliant ensemble of 14 dancers, accompanied by live multimedia and sound in a moving set choreographed by internationally renowned Sang Jijia from 22 – 24 September, Dunstan Playhouse.  The Record brings together 45 people from South Australia to create a live performance that captures and explores the essence of mortality. 600 Highwaymen artistic directors Abigail Browde and Michael Silverston are known for their innovative theatrical works which focus on the inherent poignancy and theatricality of our innate desire and need for convergence.   The show will provide an exciting record of Adelaide’s social fabric in 2016. It showcase from 21 – 24 September, Space Theatre. Choreographer and dancer Hiroaki Umeda is one of the leading figures in Japan’s avant-garde art scene. Split Flow and Holistic Strata have enthralled audiences the world over and the Australian premiere will be a blistering storm of frenetic pixels blurring the boundaries between the physical dancer and their relationship with light and sound. Showing from 27 – 28 September, Dunstan Playhouse.  Lovers of dance will rejoice in Noa Wertheim’s stunning choreography, moving between realism and surrealism, Vertigo 20 conveys a hypnotic physicality that has been the hallmark of this world-renowned dance company from Israel, Vertigo Dance Company. Featuring from 30 September – 1 October, Dunstan Playhouse. The 2016 OzAsia Festival is on from 17 September to 2 October. Bookings: BASS 131 246
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