Entertainment Hive 2020

OzAsia visual arts feast

OzAsia Festival presents a feast of visual artists across Adelaide’s leading galleries including Adelaide Festival Centre’s Artspace Gallery: Twenty Four Thousand Nine Hundred and One Miles is a new world premiere durational performance event by Melati Suryodarmo which has been specially commissioned by OzAsia Festival. Described by the New York Times as ‘Indonesia’s maverick performance artist’, Melati Suryodarmo’s performance works and video art have been performed and exhibited at leading galleries and festivals around the world. FREE 25 & 26 September, Artspace Gallery. A post-performance conversation with Melati will be held at Art Gallery of South Australia, 27 September, while a   collection of Melati’s iconic live performance works and haunting video art works will be shown at both Artspace (9 September – 4 October) and at Contemporary Art Centre of SA (CACSA) from 9 -30 September. MES 56 Alhamdulillah, We Made It – at the forefront of Indonesia’s contemporary photography movement is MES 56, a collective of Indonesian artists disseminating ideas through photography. In a new exhibition, specially commissioned for OzAsia Festival, MES 56 draws on the visual rhetoric of post- WWII immigration posters.   FREE 9 September– 4 October, Artspace Gallery. Immerse yourself deep in history at The Maj Gallery as you explore 100 Masks of Cirebon. The highly elaborate masks convey a stark beauty and powerful presence, the masks are used in traditional Topeng dance performances and are unique to the historic Indonesian city of Cirebon in West Java. The collection, from Indonesia’s Narada Art Gallery, is a manifestation of the great work of the ancestors. FREE from 9 September – 3 October, The Maj Gallery. To create her exhibition, People’s Presence - Paintings by Hong Tong, Chinese-Australian Artist Hong Tong travelled the Beijing subways, observing people. Her exhibition delves into the subliminal messages etched on those faces: people’s daily struggles, their triumphs and failures and the wonder of the world around them. FREE from 2 September – 4 October, Festival Theatre Foyer. In a Festival first, OzAsia partners with The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre’s Kerry Packer Civic Gallery for an intense cultural and temporal journey seen through landscape: Landscape of Longing explores the rich world of internationally recognised Australian-Indonesian artist, Jumaadi   FREE from 9 – 30   September. Nexus Arts Gallery presents stunning visuals and poetic imagery by highly acclaimed Indonesian visual artist FX Harsono who explores themes of displacement, identity and his twin heritage: Chinese and Indonesian. Included are works depicting the erasure of Chinese deaths in mass graves throughout Java, and the artist’s own struggles with his family heritage. FREE from 10 September – 2 October.   Tok Basuki’s Inter Section looks upon the Australian landscape with fresh eyes and interprets it anew. His artworks offer a symbolic view of the rhythmic symmetry of the land. The works present a contemporary interpretation of the Javanese belief that the power of the natural world is there to guide us if we actively engage with it. FREE from 30 August – 30 September, Prospect Gallery, Nailsworth.
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