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Wintery Christmas Proms tunes to beat the heat

By Honey B

Snowmen would be melting just thinking about the soaring temperatures in Adelaide at the moment. So, Irish crooner Bobby Fox will attempt to bring the temperature down a little with some of his favourite wintery Christmas tunes for this year’s Christmas Proms at the Adelaide Festival Centre on the 18 and 19 December. “My favourite Christmas duet is Baby It’s Cold Outside,’’ Fox enthuses. “I first came across it in the movie Elf with Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel in that beautiful scene where she is singing in the shower and he joins in without her knowing. “It’s such an incredible duet song and hopefully I can sing it with my Christmas Proms co-host Debora Krizak, who is a wonderful performer.’’ Fox also admits to having a soft spot for a children’s favourite Christmas tune. “Jingle Bells is also another straight up Christmas song. I never really grew up with the Christmas songs. “Frank Sinatra did a version of Jingle Bells that is something else and that is probably my favourite Christmas carol.’’ With Adelaide temperatures hitting the 40’s this weekend (December 18 & 19), Fox admits he is not looking forward to the heat – especially after growing up in Longford, Ireland. “I like the cold. It’s cold, cold all the way for me. “That’s why I picked Melbourne as the city to live in. It has a nice balance of cool weather and hot weather. “I think Australia is one of the best countries to live in – it’s just magical here. “But when I get home to Ireland it is cold and snowy and wonderful.’’ After Fox performs with Krizak at the Christmas Proms he will hop on a plane back home to Ireland for a traditional Fox family Christmas. “Christmas with the family is just like it always was growing up. When I am home I go to Mass, which I enjoy because I don’t do it here in Australia. “Going home brings back so many good memories and my elder sister has two boys, so I really enjoying living the magic of Christmas with a four and a six year old. “Christmas is so much more exciting with children.’’ Christmas Proms featuring Bobby Fox and Debora Krizak, Adelaide Festival Centre, Friday & Saturday, December 18 & 19. Bookings: BASS
photo by Kelly Carpenter
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