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The Magnets are stripping back the music

By Honey B

Now don’t get too excited – just because The Magnets’ latest show is titled Naked 80’s it doesn’t mean the lads are going to strip off. Although no-one would blame the lads – Callum McIntosh, Stevie Hutchinson, Michael Conway, Ross Hunter and Nicholas Girard – if they did in this heatwave. “It’s a family show, so we can’t really take our shirts off,’’ McIntosh says with a laugh. “But, some of the girls would definitely want to see Stevie with his eight-pack – he is proper ripped is Stevie. “We will all have to get in shape now, thanks to Stevie.’’ All joking aside, McIntosh says there is “something for everyone’’ in The Magnets’ Naked 80’s show. “The Naked 80’s is really just stripping back all of the instruments from the songs, so that it’s really just the naked voices. “We thought the title was quite good because it might give the idea of that to the audience – it’s a fun title. “But the music is everything. We perform everything from Michael Jackson to Whitesnake and Europe’s The Final Countdown to Prince’s Purple Rain.’’ This year marks the sixth Adelaide Fringe for the much-loved UK a cappella group and McIntosh laughs when he says he’s one of the “old Magnets’’ now. “I’m an original Magnet and I’ve been with the group since 2011 and I’ve always loved coming to Adelaide. “It’s just such a buzz and the city really has this proper Fringe feel – plus I’m a bit bias because my girlfriend is from Adelaide. “But with us this year we have Welsh singer Mike Conway who was one of the leads in Jersey Boys on the West End. “Stevie Hutchinson is a musical theatre/rock performer who has performed on the West End in shows like Ghost the Musical and We Will Rock. “Then we have another new guy, Ross Hunter who is one of the Tenors of Rock and he has had a residency in Las Vegas and has worked in London’s West End as well on all sorts of shows like Rent and Rock of Ages. “Our beatboxer is Nicholas Girard and Nic is from America and he’s one of the original arrangers on Pitch Perfect films and he writes all of the music for our show.’’ But we all want to know, what was McIntosh like back in the 1980s? “I was born in 1976 and I’ll be 43 this year and I remember buying my first album in the 80s which was Whitesnake and watching brilliant films like The Goonies and the Rocky movies. “If I could perform with anyone in from the 80s it would have to be someone like Barry White or on the rock side it would have to be Guns ‘n’ Roses and I love the electro pop of The Human League.’’ With five of the best singers going around, McIntosh says they want to make the show the ultimate 80’s party night for everyone. “We want everyone to get up and dance and have the best time with us. “When we set this show up at the Edinburgh Fringe last year we had several different songs in it, but we’ve looked at the show again and swapped out six of the songs and updated the arrangements so that we can make it that much better for the Adelaide Fringe audiences. “We’ve got an amazing medley with all of the classic songs from The Proclaimers’ I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) to the B-52s’ Love Shack. “And performing in the spiegeltent it’s quite intimate because the show is in the round and the stage is low, so everyone is pretty much on-stage with us when they get up and dance.’’ The Magnets in Naked 80’s, Adelaide Fringe, Gluttony, Wonderland Spiegeltent, until March 17. Bookings: adelaidefringe.com.au
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