Entertainment Hive 2020

Whimsy, magic and The Quizzical Mr Jeff

By Honey B

Nothing was going to get between Jeff Robinson and his dream of being a circus performer – not even a devastating earthquake. Robinson, who performs as The Quizzical Mr Jeff, headed off to circus school in Christchurch and devastation struck. “I found my love of juggling and entertaining at music festivals and decided to follow my dreams and go to circus school,’’ Mr Jeff says. “It was going to be amazing and just before circus school was about to start there was this massive earthquake. “The earthquake destroyed much of the city of Christchurch and it was super hectic there, so I decided not to stay.’’ However, Mr Jeff wasn’t ready to give up on his dream. “I moved to Dunedin, which is a bit further south, and I rented a warehouse and trained myself. “It was a case of looking online to learn objects and just spending all of my time training until I was offered a spot in a touring circus.’’ Mr Jeff was offered several years training in the circus, which he relished. “It was great, I learnt heaps from being on-stage in front of an audience. I learnt how to put a show together, make an act and entertain people.’’ Mr Jeff struck out to travel the world and he performed in two street theatre groups over five years - Hoop Hooligans and The Brothers Swag. “After five years I got to the point where I wanted to create my own solo show. “I love working the stage and I had travelled around the world and seen loads of amazing shows. I was ready to create my own show to capture people’s attention and The Quizzical Mr Jeff was born.’’ The Melbourne-based performer is on a high with his whimsical, fun and beautiful show having just won an award at Fringe World in Perth. “I just won the Best Circus award for my opening night and it’s an amazing highlight. “What I live for is seeing the shining eyes and smiling faces of the audience and there’s the rush of joy in performing for them. “I do a lot of showman style pieces with audience interaction and it’s high energy and a fun, shared experience. “I love the orchestra piece at the end of the show because it is a huge crescendo and everyone loves the balloon.’’ The Quizzical Mr Jeff, Adelaide Town Hall, from February 19 to 23, and Gluttony, Parasol Lounge from March 5 to 17. Bookings: adelaidefringe.com.au
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