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A slice of Vegas is coming to Adelaide

By Honey B

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is the usual saying, but next month producer/illusionist Michael Boyd is bringing a slice of Las Vegas life to Adelaide in The Ultimate Vegas Show. The vivid production was originally created for Jupiter's Casino on the Gold Coast and follows hot on the heels of Boyd's other highly successful show, Cabaret de Paris which saw a host of sold-out shows at Her Majesty's Theatre in recent months. "The Ultimate Vegas Show has everything that is synonymous with Las Vegas,'' Boyd enthuses. "It features amazing showgirls with these expensive and exquisite costumes as well as the iconic music of the time from Elvis to Dean Martin and Carmen Miranda and then there are some superb surprises from illusions and magic to a trick trampolinist and so much more. "There is certainly a bit of Vegas to suit everyone.'' Boyd says the show starts out with a bit of "old school'' Vegas and the smooth tones of Dean Martin impersonator, Dean Vegas. "We have really quite a retro start to the show and the musical numbers are so classic. We have a tribute to the Tropicana Club in Vegas and then there is Vegas Elvis in the jumpsuit and with the showgirls. "This show is quite different to Cabaret de Paris which is very sexy  and risqué. The Ultimate Vegas Show has these big colourful costumes and this real sense of fun. "It's something the whole family can come and see and enjoy.'' Along with all of the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas and its showgirls, the talented illusionist is also bringing the magic of Vegas to life. "Magic is big in Vegas and we have a lot of spectacular illusions in this show. "I perform some big illusions with eye-popping effects and we have a range of guest performers as well. "Our trick trampolinist provides some comedy relief and he does some absolutely awesome things that are highly choreographed but look so effortless as he contorts himself around the trampoline and jumps and flips. It's really fantastic and really funny.'' Boyd, who appeared on the 2013 series of Australia's Got Talent, has honed his craft touring around the world where his passion has grown for providing quality entertainment and stunning illusions. "I have a passion and an understanding for what creates a really good show and I've learnt from working with choreographers, directors and creators of these shows around the world. "It's not all about having 100 dancers on-stage - it's about the build-up and also the smaller emotional moments as well and having beautiful visual moments. "There is a tribute to my grandfather in the show and it's quite emotional. My grandfather was a magician and inspired me. "But the flipside to that is the big fire and effect illusions. "This show is so much fun - it's like a party on-stage for the whole family.'' The Ultimate Vegas Show, Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide, January 8 to 9. Bookings: BASS 131 246 or   www.bass.net.au
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